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How to Clean Blinds? Let Us Count the Ways

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Cleaning your own window blinds isn't as hard as you might think. And yes, you need to clean your window blinds from time to time. Maintaining your blinds clean and in top shape allows you to make the most from your investment. The further you take care of your dividers, the longer you will get the chance to enjoy them to your home. Doing this will guarantee you that your blinds are also performing in their most efficient levels. 


 There are actually two processes which you can opt to use when cleaning your dividers. You may either take down them or clean them while hanging place.mastercare cleaning  

Cleaning your dividers in place  

For some, it might be convenient and easier to clean their dividers while in place instead of taking them down. This is advisable only for window blinds which are constantly being cleaned, a state once a week. It is advisable for window blind treatments which have pliers and are made of vinyl materials such as vertical, horizontal, and blackout blinds. There are several blackout blinds designs online, nevertheless, that may require a different kind of cleaning than the popular and typical blind designs available in the marketplace. With the help of a soft cloth, some dish liquid and water in a saucepan, you can just clean your windows per slot. Apply the soap onto the cloth and soap every slat independently. Wipe them with a cloth that's slightly damp with clean water. It is possible to clean your chimney afterward in the event of accidental splatters while cleaning. 

Taking your blinds down when cleaning 


 Some prefer taking their blinds when cleaning them. Some window treatment designs are really required to be taken down to be cleaned such as Roman blinds, curtains, draperies, honeycomb blinds, along with other blind types which are intricately designed. Cloth-made blinds may be washed by hand or in a machine instead of attempting to clean them on the place. Everything depends on the convenience that the homeowner will get when it comes to cleaning. Although vertical and horizontal blinds with slats may be cleaned while in place, blinds which have been kept installed for quite a long time may have deep-seated dirt which may only be cleaned if they are taken down. 


Some dividers can get too ugly in time, hence you may need to take them down and individually clean the slats having a clot or a soft brush together with some soap and water. This will also allow you to see whether your window pliers are clean from top to toe. 


 But you should choose to clean your blinds on a daily basis to avoid getting dirt accumulated onto the slats. A simple method would be by using a duster to clean you, window pliers. Work from top to bottom for horizontal blinds or left to right in the case of vertical blinds. Use a brush attachment when using a vacuum. This method will save you a lot of time from having to take your blinds down, washing it, letting it dry, and then installing them back in place. 


 Dust that attracts dirt may lead to discoloration. Constantly washing your fabric dividers with soap and water may even speed up its discoloration process.Cleaning your blinds isn't as hard as you think if you dutifully try to dust and check them from time to time on a daily or routine basis.